Younger workforce makes capital’s population pensioner poor

Feeding the birds in St James' Park: © Vicki Vale |

Feeding birds in St James’ Park: © Vicki Vale |

London has a smaller proportion of over 65s than the rest of the UK. The high level of people at working age, and fractionally more children, mean that only 11.4% of the people in London are pensioners. In comparison, 17.9% of the UK population is over 65.

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The low propotion of elderly people is even more marked in some central and eastern boroughs. Just 6% of the people in Tower Hamlets are over 65. As reported by Urbs, Tower Hamlets has the youngest population in London. The boroughs of Newham and Hackney are not far behind in their balance of young over old.

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With the exception of the City of London, a higher proportion of older Londoners are found in the outer boroughs. Bexley and Bromley are both in line with the national average. Only Havering has a higher proportion.

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