Women in London will live longer than anywhere in the UK

pensioner coupleLife expectancy for women in London is the highest in the UK, and for men it has seen the biggest improvement in the country.

Girls born between 2011-13 can expect to live 84.1 years, a year longer than the average for England. Boys can expect to live to 80, which is a little below the average for the South East but above the England average of 79.4.

Life expectancy 2

There is also good news for today’s pensioners. For those who have reached 65 the prospects are better in London than elsewhere in the country. Men of 65 will live, on average, for 19.1 years. For women it is 21.9 years.

Life expectancy 65 2

While there is a positive picture for the whole city the borough level breakdown of the figures from the Office for National Statistics shows a richer/poorer divide. Kensington and Chelsea has the highest life expectancy for both men and women. Barking and Dagenham the lowest. Men in the royal borough can expect to live 5 years longer and women 4 years longer than those in Barking and Dagenham

Life expectancy men map Life expectancy women borough map

London is not only noticeable in the national data for its high rankings but also for the level of improvement in the last 10 and 20 years. Since 1993 longevity for men has increased by 7 years and women can expect to live for 6 years longer. Camden has seen the biggest improvements in London. In the past 20 years life expectancy there for men has gone up by 10 years, and for women by 7 years.

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