Where in the world would you like to work?

commuters copyWhen 200,000 people in 189 countries were asked which city they’d consider moving to for work the most popular answer was London. 16% chose it,  with New York second with 12.2%, Paris third with 8.9%, and Sydney and Madrid making up the top 5.

One of the key reasons that people gave for choosing London was the cosmopolitan make up of the population, which made settling in the city less daunting and more welcoming.  As reported by Urbs, 3 million people in London were born outside the UK.

London enjoys a reputation as a leading financial and cultural centre and the English language also makes settling more easily. English is the most widely spoken second language.

When asked to identify which country they would favour the US came top, with the UK second and Canada third.  The only UK city that features in the top 30 choices is London, underlining how the capital dominates at the expense of other UK cities.  In comparison the top 30 includes 3 cities in the US and Canada, and 2 each in Spain, Germany and Australia.

The survey was carried out by consulting company BCG and recruitment website The Network.

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