The Marmite response to living in the capital

flatsLondon divides opinion among people in the UK.  The Britain Uncovered survey done by Opinium Research for The Guardian shows the love/hate relationship that people have with the capital. Asked where else in the UK they would like to live London was the second favourite destination, just behind the South West, with 15%.  But it was the top answer by some considerable margin to the question of where would you least like to live,  named by 30%.  Northern Ireland and the East Midland were second with 14%.

London is considered the wealthiest place in Britain, identified by 65% of people taking part in the survey.  But being the wealthiest place did not give it the best quality of life.  Only 14% said that was best in the capital.  Although those who live here had a more favourable view.  30% of Londoners said it offered the best quality of life in the UK.

The South West topped the list for quality of life. 29% thought it had most to offer, and perhaps proving that the best things in life are free, only 5% had identified it as the wealthiest region.

Optinium Research interviewed 1,019 people ealier this year.  The survey was weighted to reflect the demographic profile of Britain’s adult population.

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