The dating data for lovelorn Londoners

hThanks to London listings magazine, Time Out, we now know that British is the sexiest accent in the world.  From reading the reports about its Global Dating Survey it appears that a shout of “You’re  only supposed to blow the bloody doors off’ could have the world swooning at your feet. But the survey of 11,000 people in 24 cities had a few more insights for Londoners looking for love.  And to prove that Urbs.London cares about dating as much as we care about data, here are a few of our favourite survey facts:

  1. More that 50% of Londoners decide in the first 2-3 minutes whether they will be going on a second date with a person
  2. 58% of you believe that bad breath is a complete dating deal-breaker
  3. Over half of you will try to do some online investigation about a prospective date before you meet
  4. 13% of women would say yes to dating an artist or creative type  – that’s more any other city in the survey
  5. 12% of men fancy hooking up with a designer or someone in the fashion industry – making these the hottest occupations

London came out a poor 6th in the dating league table put together by Time Out, based on their survey result, with some weighting for the number of people taking part in each place.  While French may not be the most attractive accent it appears that Paris is still the best place to pull.