A different way of mapping your whereabouts in London

High panorama-2As a city, London is a collection of well-established and distinct neighbourhoods, familiar to taxi drivers and residents alike.  The borough structure of Greater London gives a further set of boundaries, some less recognised than others.

Much of the information about the city is collated at borough level but there can be wide variations across London and within boroughs, as is often reported here on Urbs.London.

Future Cities Catapult, a government supported organisation working on urban innovation and development, got together with the GLA to come up with a new way of looking at city boundaries, not based on geography, but by grouping neighbourhoods according to the people and how the live there.

Using 235 datasets from the GLA Datastore, Land Registry, TFL, ONS and others, it has developed 8 clusters that it calls ‘Whereabouts’.  These are spread across the city and not confined by geographical boundaries, linking similar communities in different parts of the capital.

Whereabouts map-2

Whereabouts London map by Future Cities Catapult

Whereabouts key-2

Future Cities Catapult says that re-imagining the city in this way may aid local authorities to work co-operatively or help transport providers to improve their services.

To check your whereabouts go to http://whereaboutslondon.org/#/map

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