Half the city’s homes are flats but London is low in the high-rise stakes

Council Housing Thamesmead“An Englishman’s home is his castle” is an age-old adage but in London there’s a good chance that castle might be divided into a number of little towers.

Half the homes in London are not single houses but flats within larger buildings, whereas in England 80% of homes are single dwellings.

The data on housing stock reveals that London has about the same proportion homes in terraced houses as the country as a whole. But it has a much smaller proportion of semi-detached houses, and an even smaller proportion of households are in detached houses and bungalows, just 6% in the city.

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Converted houses and re-purposed warehouses make up about at third of the flats in the capital while the remaining two thirds are purpose built.

But despite this prevalence of flats in the housing stock, London is far from being a city of high-rise living compared to other capitals globally.

Just 14% of homes are in buildings higher than 5 stories (the official classification for high-rise). In Tokyo it is more than double that, in New York over 3 times, and the tall classical buildings of European capitals mean that around 60% of the homes in Madrid and Paris are in high-rise dwellings.

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