Met reveals record on race discrimination: 245 complaints, no misconduct

dreamstimesmall_48892827The Metropolitan Police examined 245 complaints of racial discrimination by its officers in the 12-month period to the end of February this year. In 240 cases no action was taken, with complaints dismissed or officers judged to have no case to answer.

In 5 cases the complaint did lead to “management action”, usually after some form of local resolution that may have included an apology or acceptance that an incident could have been better handled. The Met says that this does not amount to formal misconduct and management action can include pointing out to an officer how his/her behavior fell short of expected standards.

The information was revealed in response to a Freedom of Information request. According to the data some officers were subject of several complaints and 5 officers had 4 complaints against them.

The largest number of incidents took place in Lewisham with 22. Other boroughs with a high number of complaints were Greenwich, 17, and Enfield and Wandsworth with 16. The rest were spread across the boroughs although none was recorded in Hackney.

In addition to these 245 racial discrimination complaints that have been dealt with there were a further 152 during the period March 1st 2014 to February 28th 2015 that are still being investigated.

In making the data available the Met said: “Where the conduct of staff is proven to have fallen below the standards of behavior expected, the MPS will take robust action to ensure that its staff are appropriately disciplined and that lessons are learnt from each case.

The Commissioner has stated publicly that there is no place for racism and prejudice within the MPS.”

Over the same period complaints were also received for discrimination on other grounds, this includes: age;2, disabililty;7, gender;15, homophobic;10, mental health;14, religion;14, and 17 others that are not defined. None of these complaints was upheld.

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