Crimes against religious leaders are creeping upwards

Magistrates Court sign-2Attacks on religion leaders have increased slowly but steadily in the past 4 year.

In 2015 the Metropolitan Police recorded 44 crimes against people whose occupation was listed as vicar or priest.  The Met points out that priest is used to cover religious figures of all faiths as there is no separate listing in its system for imam or rabbi.

The figures disclosed in response to a Freedom of Information request show that in 2012 the number of crimes against clergy was less than half that of last year.

Of the 44 crimes in 2015, 38 were offences categorized as violence against the person. There were 24 cased of harassment – the most common offence – and 14 cases of assault, 2 of them causing grievous bodily harm.

The data shows that these offences of violence have increased over 4 years while other categories, including robbery or sexual offence have remained stable.

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