42 pedestrians and cyclists injured each week by hit and run drivers

bikesMore than 1,200 pedestrians and over 1,000 cyclists were injured by hit and run drivers in London last year. The figures include 6 deaths – 4 people on foot and 2 on bikes.

This means that a fifth of all injuries to pedestrians and cyclists in 2014 were caused by drivers who didn’t stop. This equates to 6 people a day, or 42 each week and is an increase of 16% in pedestrian injured in hit and run incidents and a 13% rise for cyclists, compared to 2013.

Overall the number of hit and run collisions, including cars, fell marginally last year from 4,154 to 4,049. The figures were revealed in a written answer from the Mayor, Boris Johnson, to Green Party London Assembly Member Jenny Jones.

Hit and run injuries 2014
Fatal Serious Slight Total
Pedestrian 4 132 1,076 1,212
Cyclist 2 91 921 1,014
Car 0 24 1,799 1,823

As the figures show, pedestrians and cyclists are far more vulnerable to death and serious injury.

Jenny Jones said: “There are far too many arrogant drivers who think they can get away with injuring someone, just as they think they can get away with breaking the rules on speeding, jumping red lights and using mobile phones.”

As previously reported by Urbs, fewer people were killed or seriously injured overall on the capital’s road last year. But injuries to cyclists were up. The GLA benchmarks road safety figures against the average for the years 2005-09. On this measure deaths and serious injuries to cyclists were up by 3% and minor injuries by 73% last year. TfL points out that since 2005 there has been a 92% increase in the number of journeys taken by bike.

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Road deaths and serious injuries down but pedestrians remain most at risk

pedestrian childFewer people were killed or seriously injured on the capital’s roads in the past 12 months.

According to data from Transport for London 2,167 people were killed or seriously injured in 2014, a 7% drop on 2013 and the lowest number since the current form of record keeping began in 1986.

Overall casualties figure that include minor injuries were up by 13% year-on-year with 30,785 people hurt in nearly 26,000 accidents. 38% of those injured were travelling in a car.

Pedestrians remain the most at risk of being killed on the road in London. Of the 127 people fatally injured, 64 were on foot and 104 were what TfL refers to as the most vulnerable groups – pedestrians, motor cyclists and cyclists.

Fatalities and Casualties on London’s Roads
Killed Serious Injury
Pedestrian 64 715
Cyclist 13 419
Motorbike/Scooter 27 499
Car 19 297
Van/Lorry 2 19
Taxi/Private Hire 0 13
Bus/Coach 0 71
Other 2 7

TfL’s current target for 2020 is to reduce deaths and serious injury by 50% from the average rate seen between 2005-09. Rates are currently 40% lower, and for children the 50% target has been achieved.

However those under 15 remain the most vulnerable pedestrians. 5,613 people on foot suffered some form of injury in a road accident in 2014. More than 1,000 of them were children.

Injuries to cyclists were up, but so is the popularity of cycling. Deaths and serious injuries rose by 3% on the 2005-09 average and minor injuries were up by 73%. Since 2005 the number of journeys taken by bike has risen by 92%, says TfL.

Men suffered 78% of cycling injuries, but they make three quarters of all cycle journeys, according to TfL. There was an even starker gender imbalance for motorbikes and scooters. Men take 87% of the journeys and suffered 93% of the injuries.

In comparison, injury rates for pedestrians and people in cars were split 54/46 male and female.

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