Met reveals details of thousands of offenders on the run

dreamstimesmall_3584076-2Thousands of wanted offenders are on the run from the Metropolitan Police. The list includes 11 wanted for murder or attempted murder, 6 for rape, 93 for serious sexual offences and hundreds for assault including causing grievous bodily harm.

The total wanted list at the end of June had 4,607 offenders. More than 1,000 people on the list are wanted for theft. It also includes 434 suspected burglars, 469 alleged fraudsters, more than 750 people wanted for assault and 132 for possessing or supplying drugs.

In addition, there are warrants out for 4,965 who have been previously charged and failed to show up at court.

The police released the figures in response to a Freedom on Information request. They also revealed the numbers for the previous 2 years.

At the end of 2013 there were 4,225 people wanted for offences who had not been arrested and 4,239 warrants had been issued for those who had failed to turn up in court after being charged. At the end of 2014 the numbers had risen to 4,717 and 5,101 respectively.

The police say that a number of suspected criminals on the wanted list may have left the country. They also point out that the numbers include warrants issued for other prosecuting agencies such as the Department for Work and Pensions and local authorities.

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Crime Report: Hackney

Hackney has a high level of crime with theft, robbery, assault and sexual offences all well above the average for London.

Data from the Metropolitan Police reveals that there were 25,600 crimes in the 12-months ending March 2015. That translates as 97 crimes per 1000 people in the borough. The average for London is 81.

Crime report Hackney

Within the major crime categories there are some wide variations. Burglary from households was 7% below the London average but burglary from other buildings was 45% higher. Within theft, shoplifting is 44% below the London average but there were 591 cases of theft or taking a motor vehicle – that’s 12% above the city level.

Drug offences generally are below average but there were 29% more cases of trafficking drugs than the London average.

Cycle theft is also a problem. 1,282 bikes were stolen in the period. That is 142% higher than average for London.

5 of London’s 92 murders were committed in Hackney.

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Murder map of London shows more killings north of the river

There were 92 murders in London in the 12 months ending in March 2015 and the highest rates were recorded in the central area of Westminster and 2 outer boroughs, Enfield and Ealing. Each had 6 murders.

Urbs has used the latest data from the Metropolitan Police to plot a murder map of the capital. It shows the second highest rate of 5 murders in the period in a group of north London boroughs – Brent, Haringey, Islington and Hackney. The 10 boroughs that had 4 or more murders were all north of the river.

Crime Murder map

No murders took place in Sutton and Bromley on the southern fringe of the capital or in Havering, on the eastern edge of London.

The murder map shows a different pattern to the map for overall crime. That shows higher crime levels in inner London and lower in the outer boroughs. The map for murder in the past year shows more of a north/south split.

Crime map

To put the London murder statistics in some context, in 2014 there were 328 murders in New York, and that was the lowest rate since 1963.

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The data from the Metropolitan Police does not include the City of London, which has its own police service.

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Crime Report: Enfield

Enfield has a lower than average crime rate in general but household burglary is a problem. Of all burglary offences in the borough, 2,160 of them were from a dwelling, 20% above the London average.

Data from the Metropolitan Police for the year to the end of March 2015 shows that there were 22,200 crimes in the borough, which equates to 68 per 1000 people. The London average is 81.

Crime report Enfield

Most major crime categories apart from burglary and fraud were below London-wide levels but certain specific offences were at a high rate. There were 174 offensive weapons offences, which is 34% above the London average.

Enfield is one of 3 boroughs that share the highest murder rate in the capital, with 6 murders committed in the period.

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Crime Report: Ealing

Ealing has a lower than average crime rate in general but the number of murders is relatively high. 6 people were murdered in the borough in the year to March 2015.

The most recent data from the Metropolitan Police shows that in the 12-month period there were 25,850 crimes in the borough, which equates to 74 per 1000 people. The London average is 81.

Crime report Ealing

There were 62 cases of fraud in Ealing. That is 70% higher than the London average. Most other categories of crime are lower than the London-wide level but looking at the sub-categories shows a less positive picture. Theft is below London average but theft from motor vehicles and tampering with vehicles are both 18% higher.

Common assault and harassment were also both 4% above the London average.

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