Election 2015: London’s jobs record

With election campaigning underway the economy is a key battleground and the prospects for employment growth a key feature. So what happened to job creation in the capital during the Cameron government?

Urbs analysis of data on the London workforce by sector shows that from 2009  (the last full year of dreamstime_s_50768526 copythe previous Labour government) to 2013 (the most recent data) 440,000 jobs were created in London, a growth of 9%.

There was a broad increase across most sectors with strongest growth in professional, scientific and technical roles, in line with the long term trend.  (See Urbs.London on job market trends)


The big fall was in the public administration jobs, such as the civil service, where 20,000 were lost. 6000 jobs also went in manufacturing, continuing the decline seen in London over the last 30 years.

Some sectors of the job market also proved stubbornly sluggish with little growth in retail, finance and transport.

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