Fire brigade dealing with weekly call outs to lift obese people

© Michaelpuche | - Fire Service. Photo-2The London Fire Brigade is called to helps lift a severely obese person in their home at least once a week.

Data published by the brigade for the past three financial years shows that fire officers were involved in more than 200 incidents which are referred to as assisting bariatric people.

This type of incident is not formally recorded by the LFB but classified as ‘other services’, as are animal rescues.  They are identified by the call information and messages transmitted during the incidents.

The numbers for the past three financial years are consistent and fairly evening spread across London.  The largest number of incidents was recorded in Croydon.

The majority of calls came from the Ambulance Service who needed help to deal with someone who was too heavy to lift.   In other incidents fire officers have rescued a person who became wedged in a bath and others trapped in cars or buses.

In a small number of call outs fire officers have helped lift people in hospitals and nursing homes.

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