Renting in London: 3 bedroom homes

The additional cost of living in London for a family seeking a 3 bedroom house is punishing. As previously reported by Urbs, the premium charged is at its highest for this size of property, 150% above median rent for England.

Renting 3 bed

The nature of the housing stock in different parts of the city becomes more apparent in the map for this size of property. There is no data for the City as it has so little of this sort of housing. Kensington and Chelsea does have supply of medium sized homes, but at a huge premium, more than 3 times the median rent.

The inner boroughs and the leafier neighbourhood of Richmond can command rents in excess of £2,000 a month. Further out in boroughs like Harrow and Merton prices drop to around £1,500

Rental 3 bed map

Data from the Valuation Office Agency, the body that advises the government on property values, shows that it is only in the 3 most easterly boroughs that median monthly rental is at £1,200 and below.

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