Self employed map shows huge rise in parts of city

hMore and more people are working for themselves and in some parts of London it has gone up by over 50% in the past 5 years.

Data from the annual population survey done by the Office for National Statistics shows a 16% increase in people who are self employed across London since 2010.  In Barking and Dagenham it has gone up by 59% in the same period.  In Harrow the rise is 52%.

The figures for 2014 show that 18% of Londoners are working for themselves, a slightly higher rate than the national average. In Barnet 25% of the working population is self employed. Camden and Kensington and Chelsea are just behind.  It is half that rate in Tower Hamlets, Bexley and Hillingdon.

Self employment

According to the Bank of England the record growth in self employment across the UK is a long-term trend and largely fuelled by older people continuing to work, and choosing to work for themselves.  In its recent quarterly bulletin the Bank says there is little evidence that the rise hides people who are looking for jobs or that people are under-employed in working for themselves.

Part time working has seen a more gradual rise over the pst 10 years. 22% of London’s workers are now part time, which is slightly below the national average.  But again the figures vary.  Enfield and Haringey have the highest proportion of part time workers, closely followed by Redbridge and Brent.  Hounslow and Wandsworth have the lowest.

Part time working map


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