Rise in dog thefts hits outer boroughs hardest

dog walking3 or 4 dogs were stolen every week in London last year, and the numbers were up by around 15% on 2013. While dognapping is a relatively rare crime it can be traumatic when an animal that has become like a member of the family is taken away.

Figures released by the Metropolitan Police in response to a Freedom of Information request show that there were 190 reported dog thefts in 2014. This was up from 165 in 2013 and at a similar level to the 194 stolen in 2012.

Combining the numbers over the past three years shows that the greatest problem is in the outer boroughs of Greenwich, Croydon and Bromley. The highest numbers in inner city boroughs were in Lambeth and Southwark.

Dog theft

The lowest level of dog theft was recorded in Richmond with just 4 thefts over the 3 years.

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