Renting in London: A Studio

A studio flat is typically a single room for living/sleeping with a separate kitchen and bathroom. It’s the smallest type of self-contained home and renting one will set you back around £850 in London. That’s £350 more than the median price across England as a whole.

Rental studio

Data from the Valuation Office Agency, the body that advises the government on property values, shows the capital itself has an enormous range in prices from £1,387 in the City to £525 in Bexley.

The price differences are more marked than for room rentals as you travel out from central London with options going from around £1,000 in central boroughs to £750-£850 in inner London and £650-£700 in most outer boroughs.

Rental studio map

As with room rentals, the cheaper options are in the east of the city in Havering, Barking and Dagenham and Bexley. Bromley, Sutton and Hillingdon are also cheaper locations.

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Renting in London: A Room

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