Private school? Depends where you live

School Library copyMore than half the children going to school in Kensington and Chelsea are educated in the independent sector. Of the 78 schools in the borough 40 are fee paying.

Only the City of London has a higher proportion of children in private education. There it’s a staggering 90% but there is only 1 state primary school in the borough and 4 independents.

The data from the Department of Education reveals that across London private schooling features strongly with half of the boroughs exceeding the England average for pupils outside the state sector. In the affluent boroughs of Richmond, Camden, Westminster, Hammersmith and Fulham, and Wandsworth it’s between 24 and 29%. Across the capital the average is 11% with 7% the average for England.

London has more children in private education than any other region of England except the South East.

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