Police identify the most ignored red light with 1,500 drivers caught on camera

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Photo: Traffic Light Red by Numb631┃Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 4.0

More people were caught driving through the traffic lights on red at the junction of Camberwell Church Street and Denmark Hill in Southwark than any other light in London.

Last year more 1,538 vehicles ran the light and were caught on camera by the police. The light jumpers included 917 cars, 143 vans, 38 lorries and 38 motorbikes and 15 buses. The offenders also included 387 emergency vehicles, which may be due to the proximity to Kings College Hospital.

If emergency vehicles are discounted, as they may have an understandable reason for going through a red traffic light, then the junction with the worst record is the Bath Road junction with The Avenue in Hounslow, West London.

This also saw a little over 1,500 offenders snapped by the automatic camera, but there were far fewer emergency vehicles. 1,149 cars ran this red light in 2014, joined by 101 vans, 27 lorries, 27 motorcycles, and 25 buses.

The data on the cameras catching most offenders is revealed by the Metropolitan Police in a response to a Freedom of Information request.

Of the top 10, 4 were in West London, 3 in South London and 3 in North London. East London drivers seem to be more law abiding in waiting for the lights to change.

Here are the 10 most ignored lights with links to Google Streetview if you care to check out the junctions where you should take extra care.

South London

 West London

North London

Most people caught on camera going through a red light are given a fixed penalty notice which results in a fine of £60 and 3 penalty points on their licence.

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