Pay rates underline gap between rich and poor boroughs

cash sterling notesWhat’s the difference between Newham and Kensington and Chelsea? The answer is about £20,000 if you are looking at pay rates of people across the city

Average gross pay (before tax) in Kensington and Chelsea is the highest in London at £45,000. Newham has the lowest average at £26,000, making it the only borough below the national average of £27,000. There’s some consolation for the people of Newham in the fact that the median house price in the borough is £250,000 compared to £1.2m in Kensington. The crime rate is also lower in Newham.

Gross pay map

Barking and Dagenham and Waltham Forest are just above Newham with average pay of £27,000 and £28,000. They are among 14 outer London boroughs from Hounslow and Ealing in the west, Enfield in the north, Havering in the east and Sutton in the south, that have gross average pay below the London average of £33,000.

Kensington and Chelsea tops the average pay stakes by some margin. The nearest rivals are Westminster and Richmond at £40,000. No data was available for the 8,000 residents of the City of London.

The figures are drawn from the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings done by the Office for National Statistics using data from HMRC.

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