Mapping Londoners: Born in Sweden

For a small country of 9.7 million people, Sweden has quite an impact. From H&M on the high street, Ikea in our homes or Spotify on our music players, Swedish brands are part of British life.

But there are few Swedish people resident in the UK. According to the 2011 census 14,747 of the resident population of London were born in Sweden. That’s about half of all the Swedes in the UK and just 0.2% of Londoners.

Most live centrally, with 10% in Westminster, 1.200 in Kensington and Chelsea and 895 in Camden. Hackney, Richmond and Wandsworth were other favourite boroughs.

Born in Sweden

According to the most recent population estimates, based on the Annual Population Survey, so less reliable than the census, the number of Swedes appears to have fallen and may be down to 10,000 in London.

So some Swedish Londoners may have headed home. Those that remain can keep in touch with the homeland using Skype – that’s a Swedish invention too.

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