Mapping Londoners: Born in Russia

London has been a magnet for wealthy Russians in recent years with many investing in expensive property, and in one case buying a football club. This influx of super rich was documented at the start of 2015 in the aptly titled BBC programme Rich, Russian and living in London.

The data from the 2011 census shows that 60% of Russians who are registered as resident in London live in central areas. Their love of expensive properties in Mayfair and Chelsea is reflected by the fact that Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea are the boroughs with the largest numbers of Russian residents.

Camden, Barnet and Tower Hamlets all have communities of around 1,000.   Other boroughs have groups in the hundreds giving a total of 16,575, the 49th largest non UK-born population in the city.

Born in Russia

More recent data from the Annual Population Survey (a little less reliable than the hard numbers of the census) indicates that the number of Russians in London is declining. It suggests that numbers peaked at 18,000 in 2012 but have now fallen back to 11,000.

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