Long distance commuters could fill Albert Hall 13 times

london commuters70,000 people working in London are long distance commuters coming from outside the neighbouring regions of the East and South East. That’s enough people to fill the Albert Hall 13 times.

The London workforce consists of 4.7 million people. Data from the Office for National Statistics for where people live and where people work shows that around 3.8 million of them are residents. That leaves 880,000, or 19% of the workforce commuting to the city each day. And the proportion of commuters in the central London workforce is even higher at 25%.

Urbs looked at the data to see where commuters originated. The vast majority are making the daily journey from neighbouring regions of East and South East England but the rest are spending hours in a car, train or perhaps even flying to London for work. Long distance commuters include 5,000 people from Wales and Scotland and 3,000 from the North East of England.

Long distance commuters

But this is not just a story of one-way traffic. Thousands of Londoners take a reverse commute out of the city. 266,000 of them work across the South East. Although 363,000 people come in from the East of England only 10,000 go back the other way to work. 47,000 Londoners head further afield and commute to jobs across the country. A further 7,000 work overseas but remain resident in the capital.

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