London is rubbish at recycling and many boroughs are getting worse


The rate of recycling and composting of household rubbish in London is well below the average for England and in nearly half the boroughs in London recycling levels are down.

Latest data from the Department of Food and Rural Affairs shows that in 2013/14 across England 43% of the waste collected went for recycling or composting.  In London it was 34%. And the performance of some councils falls well below that.  The lowest rate is in Lewisham and Newham with just 18% of rubbish recycled.  Wandsworth also performed poorly and is one of 15 councils that has seen its rate fall.

Recyling map

In 2011/12 Wandsworth was recycling 28% of collected waste.  In 2013/14 that was down to 20%. Over the same period recycling has dropped in Hammersmith and Fulham from 30% to 21%.

A few boroughs are showing London the way.  Bromley has achieved 50% and in Bexley is has climbed to 55%.

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