London flies flag for West as East leads global growth ranking

aerial river nightLondon is the only western city to feature in the top 30 places for economic and employment growth in a ranking of the 300 largest metropolitan areas in the world.

The rankings are carried out by the respected American think tank, the Brookings Institution for its annual Global Metro Monitor report. Brookings looks at the growth in GDP per capita (the sum of the market value of all goods and services produced divided by the population) in each city, plus the growth in jobs.

The results for 2013-14 show that three quarters of the fastest growing cities are in the developing areas of Asia-Pacific, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. The only city in Western Europe and North America is London, ranked in 26th place.

Position City Country Region
1 Macau China Developing Asia-Pacific
2 Izmir Turkey Eastern Europe/Central Asia
3 Bursa Turkey Eastern Europe/Central Asia
4 Dubai UAE Middle East/Africa
5 Kunming China Developing Asia-Pacific
26 London UK Western Europe

London went up 32 places from last last year with GDP per capita growth of 2.5% and employment growth of 3.6%. London’s traditional rivals in the global cities stakes fared poorly. New York was placed at 176 and Paris at 260.

Other UK cities performed well with Manchester at 60, Edinburgh at 71 and Bristol at 79 in the rankings.

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