London drives UK population growth

hLondon was responsible for nearly half the population growth in the UK last year.  In  2014 the UK grew by 1.08 million people to 63.7 million.  487,000 of them were in London, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics.  In 2013 and 2012 London made up just 20% of UK population increase.

The growth in both London and the UK more widely is partly made up of people born outside the UK.  In London they accounted for half the growth – that’s 244,000 extra people.

Pop born outside Uk change 2 map

A high proportion of those born outside the UK are settled in three London boroughs, 52,000 in Newham, 44,000 in Brent and 23,000 in Haringey.


While half of the additional population for 2013-14 in London was born outside the UK a smaller proportion are non-British, 43%.  In the rest of the UK the proportions not born in Britain and holding other nationalities is closer – 48% and 46% of new arrivals in 2013-14.

The total population of London in 2014 was 8.45 million.  Of that, 3 million were born outside the UK and 1.9 million are non-British.

Pop born outside UK 2 map

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