Jobs concentrated in just 5 of London’s 33 boroughs

people on pavement gloomyNearly 40% of the 5.4 million jobs in London are concentrated in 5 central areas. Westminster dominates the workplace map with more than 700,000 jobs. The City of London ranks second and with the addition of Camden, Tower Hamlets and Southwark the 5 areas account for 2 million jobs.

There are far fewer jobs in the outer boroughs of the capital. Barking and Dagenham has the lowest with just 54,000 followed by Bexley in the south east, Sutton in the south and Waltham Forest in the north east. Hillingdon is the outer London borough that bucks the trend. With 213,000 jobs it is seventh in rank, just behind Islington. 80,000 of the jobs in Hillingdon are at Heathrow Airport.

Jobs per borought map

16% of the jobs in the capital are in the public sector, which is below the 19% national average. However some London boroughs are far more dependent on public sector employment than others. In a central corridor from Tower Hamlets west to Hounslow the public sector makes up a small portion of employment. But in Greenwich it accounts for 27% of jobs. The rate is also high in Newham, Lewisham, Redbridge, and Waltham Forest.

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Employment per borough data  Public sector employment per borough

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