Go east young man – it’s where young London lives

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The average age in London is 36, that’s 4 years younger than the rest of the UK.  But if you want to live in a younger neighbourhood head east.  The average age in Tower Hamlets is just 31.  It’s 32 in Newham and 33 in Barking and Dagenham.

These boroughs have much higher propoortions of chidren and young people pulling down the average. 31% of the population in Newham is under 16 compared with 13% in Merton, a borough with the average age in line with London.  In Tower Hamlets 46% of the population is under 25.

The oldest place in the capital is the City of London – avearage age 42.  That’s followed by Havering and Bromley where it’s 40.

Average age map

The data from the Mid Year Population Estimates from the Office for National Statistics also gives some interesting insights into numbers of people at various age ranges.  There are more people in the 30-40 range than any other decade long block, with 1.67 million thirtysomethings.

Men outnumber women until their 40s when the balance shifts.  At that point the number of women begins to outstrip men and the gap keeps getting wider as women generally live longer then men.

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