Economic clout helps London to another global cities crown

River Tower Br ShardLondon is the clear winner in a global cities ranking that scored 30 cities in 10 different categories. London won thanks to topping the categories that mark it out as a leading centre of the world economy. It had the highest score as the city with the most economic clout and the best gateway for connecting to other cities. And it was equal first with the South Korean capital, Seoul, in the technology category.

PwC, the multinational professional services firm, put the rankings together. This is the sixth time it has carried out the Cities of Opportunity study. It is the first time that London has come top and PwC said it has done so clearly after losing out to New York in the last rankings in 2012 by a tenth of a percentage point.

PwC global rankings

New York achieved second place without winning any of the 10 categories but by scoring consistently well across the range. Singapore climbed up from seventh place to finish third.   Of the top 10 cities, 9 have held on to a place despite some rises and falls, but Sydney is the only one to fight it’s way into the top flight, at the expense of Tokyo, which slipped to 13.

English is the native language in 6 of the top 10 cities. It is also one of the official languages in Singapore and Hong Kong, and widely spoken in Stockholm. Paris is the sole city in the top 10 to challenge the dominance of the English-speaking world.

Consistency was a key to success for the top 10 cities. London won 3 categories and came second in another 3. It’s lowest performances were for cost and sustainability.


How London scored
Category Position (out of 30)
Intellectual Capacity and Innovation 2
Technology Readiness 1 =
City Gateway 1
Transport and Infrastructure 6 =
Health, Safety and Security 6 =
Sustainability and Natural Environment 15
Demographics and Livability 2
Economic Clout 1
Ease of Doing Business 5
Cost 15

With the exception of Sydney all the cities in the top 10 of the overall rankings managed to be in the top 10 in at least half of the categories.

PwC used 59 data points to judge the 10 categories and additionally used a survey of 15,000 of its own employees around the world to answer questions about living, working and commuting in their city.   The data was sourced from multinational institutions such as the World Bank and IMF, national statistics offices like the ONS in the UK, and commercial data providers.

Source data

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