Central Line leads the lost hours league table of your Tube delays

tube train interiorIf you are stuck on a platform waiting for a train or stranded in a tunnel aboard one Tube disruptions are frustrating, particularly when you are commuting and on a tight schedule. But how bad is your line?

At Urbs we have been looking at the reasons for Tube delays and the record for individual lines over the most recent 12-month period. So if you are asking yourself, “Why does this always happen to me?” Urbs has drawn up the Lost Hours League so you can check whether your line has been particularly afflicted.

Transport for London measures delays in what it calls Lost Customer Hours (LCH). These are calculated by multiplying the delays in minutes by the number of passengers. TfL records all delays over 2 minutes. It uses the financial year from April to March and splits the year in 13 equal periods for performance measurement.

The data for delays is gathered in the London Underground Performance Almanac. Urbs examined the LCH for each line for April 2014 to March 2015.

The Central Line was by far the worst performer with an average 410,000 lost hours per period. That’s 29% higher than the next worse in the list, the Jubilee Line.

Tube LCH League Table

The best performance was the Waterloo and City Line, but as it travels only between 2 stations, Waterloo and Bank, that should be expected. The best performance by a major tube line was the Bakerloo Line.

Looking at the record over the course of the year it is possible to see that the Central Line’s performance is distorted by huge spikes in lost customer hours in April/May and August/September. This is largely due to industrial action.

Tubes lines delays 2014-15

Looking back over 10 years reveals why the Northern earned the nickname the misery line and how the Piccadilly line also had big problems. The network performance is better than a decade ago but those two lines have seen particular improvement.

Tube LCH 10 years

While most lines have steadily reduced levels of disruption the Jubilee and the Central lines have struggled to improve performance at the same rate.

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