Booming population will struggle to find a place to live

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London’s booming population accounted for nearly half the growth in people in the country last year. But London’s share of new homes in England was just 17%.

Data from the Department of Communities and Local Government shows that out of 136,610 news homes 23,580 were in London. The Mayor, Boris Johnson has identified the housing shortage as an “epic challenge” for London. In his Homes for London housing strategy document last year he said that London needed 42,000 new homes a year for the next 20 years.

In launching her bid to run for Mayor this week the former Labour MP, Tessa Jowell, suggested a new agency that she described as a Transport for London for housing to help tackle the housing shortage.

The lack of homes pushes up property prices and rents, as documented by Urbs, making it far more difficult for people to find affordable housing.

An examination of borough level data shows that the majority of new homes are being built in central areas. Newham leads the way with nearly 2000 new homes. In Bromley, one of London’s largest boroughs, it is just 150.

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The imbalance between inner and outer London in the provision of new homes has developed since 2000. Throughout the 20th century most new homes were developed in outer London. In recent years the contribution of outer London has fallen below 50%.

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