About Urbs

Welcome to Urbs.London – a better way to understand your city.

We are dedicated to bringing you stories that explain what is really happening in London.  We write stories based on open data to help citizens know, understand and improve their city.

Cities are becoming smarter.  Rapid technological development means that a huge amount of information is being gathered every day and made available as open data. Open data allows us to re-invent city news.  We don’t rely on spin or press releases – we focus on the billions of records of people’s activity and interaction.

Using the combined skills of data analysis and journalism we mine the data to unearth the stories that matter and tell you how London ticks. Our journalists and data analysts jointly produce all our articles. Our Editor-In-Chief is Gary Rogers.

We’ve used a map of London which you can click to explore news from each borough.  This was developed by our friends at http://www.aftertheflood.co as a way of presenting London data – you’ll see the map throughout Urbs.London.

Urbs.London was developed by Urbs Media.   The company is led by Alan Renwick (CEO) and Gary Rogers (Editor-in-chief).

Alan portraitAlan has worked in the media industry for 25 years across print, digital and broadcast.  He has held senior publisher positions in news businesses such as Local World (regional) and Mirror Group (national) and has worked in over 20 countries.

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Gary began his journalism career with Thomson Regional Newspapers. He has held senior editorial management roles with the BBC and ITN, and has helped start up news operations globally.


Urbs Media is partnering with Chelsea Apps Factory to develop our mobile-first news products.  Chelsea Apps Factory is a market-leading enterprise app development and innovation company led by Mike Anderson, a former Managing Director of both London Evening Standard and Metro.

We are rolling out our mobile-first digital media across the world’s most important cities, starting with London.  To find out more visit our company’s website www.urbsmedia.com.

Urbs offers a fresh, innovative approach to modern city media – smart news for smart cities.

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