About Urbs

Urbs.London is produced by Urbs Media, a tech-driven data journalism company, founded  in 2015.

Our mission is to find new ways to deliver strong local news content for consumers. We believe that the growing supply of open data is an unexploited source of great stories. To prove this theory we established Urbs.London, writing stories based on data published largely via the London Datastore. Influential media analysts Enders described our work as “where we envisage journalism needs to go.”

Urbs.London is our prototype city news site and has been our live test bed. We no longer publish here regularly as our work has expanded into wider areas. We have written data stories for the national and regional news market.  Our work has been published by The Times, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Sun, Mirror,  the Evening Standard, ITV and London Live.

In September 2017 we will kick off the RADAR project in partnership with the Press Association, the UK’s largest national news agency.  RADAR stands for Reporters and Data and Robots.  We will be combining human authorship with automated production to deliver local data stories on a mass scale and a daily basis to news outlets across the UK and Ireland.

The RADAR project has been funded by Google’s Digital News Initiative with a largescale award.

Urbs Media is led by Alan Renwick (CEO) and Gary Rogers (Editor-in-chief).

Alan portraitAlan has worked in the media industry for 25 years across print, digital and broadcast.  He has held senior publisher positions in news businesses such as Local World (regional) and Mirror Group (national) and has worked in over 20 countries.

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Gary began his journalism career with Thomson Regional Newspapers. He has held senior editorial management roles with the BBC and ITN, and has helped start up news operations globally.

Urbs Media was the runner up in the Global Editors Network Start Up for News 2017.   For more information go to urbsmedia.com.