A fifth of the blazes tackled by fire fighters are started on purpose

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Photo: © Michael Spring | Dreamstime.com

21% of the fires attended by the London Fire Brigade in the past year were started deliberately. The fire and rescue service tackled 19,554 fires in the 12 months to April and 4,122 are judged to have been started on purpose.

Borough level data from the London Fire Brigade shows that in Tower Hamlets deliberate fires make up a third of the 1,023 fires. There were 329 incidents, that’s more than the total of neighbouring Lewisham and Hackney combined.

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Tower Hamlets has the second highest number of fires per 1000 head of population.   The central London borough of Westminster has the highest level. Levels are lower in outer boroughs.

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Overall the number of fires in the capital in the year to April was down by 5% though there has been a slight upturn in April with the number of fires in the month exceeding 2000 for the first time since April 2011.

Fires peak over the summer months each year with July 2010 the worse month in the period reported with 4,728 fires.

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